The idea came to life after we worked on a leisure project,

namely the build of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle in Mexican style.

Many parts of the bike were engraved, with an amazing effect.


I worked as a dance instructor with a passion for drawing and design.

Ernst worked as a Harley-Davidson mechanic and has always worked

in a technical environment.

Add to this his love for micro / fine mechanics and watch movements.


It is very special we have been able to join forces in our company, where technique, art and creativity meet. We both are handengravers. Ernst is specialized as micro hand engraver, I make the unique designs and engrave bigger, such as Harley-Davidson parts.

To avoid our job to be an extended hobby, we wanted to be as professional as possible right from the start.

That’s why we wanted to learn it from a master engraver.

Engraving is not to be taken lightly and cannot be learned quickly, so after a long search, we ended up at a Belgian master engraver. During our internship we learned this beautiful of micro engraving from him.


After 2 years of working as engraving artist we decided to broadens our work and followed the Pavé stonesetting course in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.